Friday, April 29, 2016

The Daily Lipid Podcast Episode 5: My Evening and Morning Routines

In this episode I describe how I have designed my evening and morning routines to maximize my quality sleep and productivity. 

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In this episode, I discuss the roles of blue-light deprivation using f.lux, iOS 9.3 Nightshift, blue-blocking amber fits-over glasses and lights from 

The specific products I use from are this light bulb, the night light, and the flash light.

I also include the roles of list-making, television, movies, video games, paperback fiction, making the bed, morning walks, and low-decision, high-nutrition, time-saving breakfasts.

As described in the last episode, a typical workday breakfast for me is a piece of raw ginger root, a tablespoon of a rotating lacto-fermented food, a full package of Epic Liver Bites, and whatever starch is in my current rotation, with an optional piece of fruit.

What are your evening and morning routines like?


  1. Do you ever worry that you're getting too much copper from such consistent consumption of those epic liver bites, Chris? (270% dv of copper per bag according to the label)

    1. I am not worried because one) I seem to have a relatively high need for copper, two) I get a lot of zinc from eating a lot of animal flesh, which balances the copper, and three) I have consistently felt better during periods of near-daily liver consumption than during periods of weekly liver consumption or less.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Figuring out daily routines really is a matter of wrestling with individual needs. But in communicating your own solutions, you've still managed to illuminate (pun totally intended) critical common elements for the rest of us to think about and incorporate. Much appreciated.


    1. Hi Katherine,

      I totally agree about the individuality. Thanks!



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