Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Saturday Salad

by Chris Masterjohn

The difference between a Wednesday salad and a Saturday salad?  A little cheese. :)

Ingredients: romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, scallions, strawberries, orange bell peppers, raw sauerkraut, unpasteurized Greek olives from Mt. Athos with Sicilian herbs, barrel-aged feta from Mt. Vikos (not raw, unfortunately), macadamia nut oil, raw coconut vinegar.

But alas, the sun has set in his tomb, and the moon has arisen to mourn her betrothed and proclaim her hope of his arising in the hours yet to come.  Shall we honor the moon and call it Sunday, or dwell in the past and continue calling it Saturday?

And thus even my salad ponders the meaning of its identity. 

p.s. Don't worry I've also eaten meat and eggs today. ;-) 

Read more about the author, Chris Masterjohn, PhD, here.


  1. Coconut vinegar? Never heard of it. Where do you get coconut vinegar? For that matter, where do you get unpasteurized olives? I think I've see raw sauerkraut, but my wife wouldn't let me buy any...

  2. Howard, if you live in a major metropolitan community, try the Asian stores and supermarkets - places like 99 Ranch Market will have several brands to choose from for sure. I like Patu, a filipino brand. Some "natural" food stores & Whole Foods gourmet stores are starting to carry coconut vinegar (fancier labels, smaller bottles, bigger prices, though). Otherwise, I'm sure it is available via online retailers.

  3. Looks great! No plantains this time?

  4. No emphasis on starchy root vegetables???

    Kurt-the-retired-radiologist and Rewarding-Stephan will rotate in der blog-graves...

  5. in THEIR blog-graves, of course... Sorry (from old europe)...

  6. How did you get the plate to stick to the wall?

  7. Don't get all vega ish on us. At least throw some bacon on that thing. Xo deb

  8. Responses to Howard, Richard, Chris, Guzolany, Jack, and Debbie

    Hi Howard,

    This stuff was mostly from Whole Foods. I second Anna's suggestions.


    Cabbage is the main ingredient in the sauerkraut!


    No, but I did have three raw egg yolks, and two boiled potatoes with a little butter and salt.


    Well see above about the potatoes. :) I don't think either of their blogs are dead yet!


    I would tell, but it's a secret.


    Vegan? What?! There's cheese on it!!!! And in any case you can see in the fine print that I ate meat earlier that day. And, gasp, it was beef! :)


  9. Just bugging ya. Cheese is good stuff as is meat. I am really off my salad train at ge moment. I blame raw veganism. :-)

  10. Mt. Athos! Those must be the holiest olives in the world! Yumm...

  11. Good for you!! I personally can't eat salads & generally don't really like mixed stuff. I'll just grab a box of tomatoes & shove them down my throat, then eat a quarter of lettuce at once .. so on. But hey, your way you get variety of nutrients in one meal.

  12. Hi Katya,

    Indeed. Rumor has it that John Mackey was praying because it had gotten so real in his parking lot, and the Most Holy Theotokos appeared to him in a vision. He besought her three times, asking, "why is it so real in my parking lot?" She told him if he carried olives from her mountain she would bless his parking lot with peace, and vanished from his sight.

    Cholesterol Levels, thanks!


  13. It looks great. I haven't had a good salad in a while and I think the time has come!

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