Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Daily Lipid Podcast Episode 7: The Many Uses of Yoga Blocks Around the House, and Why a Standing Desk Isn't Enough

In this episode I describe why a set of two yoga blocks has been one of my best low-cost investments in the last year, playing a variety of unexpected roles around my apartment, and allowing me to make major strides in increasing the diversity of positions I can work in to get a healthier level of hip mobility. 

Squatting at the gym or the CrossFit box is great, but you should also be able to squat at rest and use it as a regular working position. This picture shows you how to do that on two stacked yoga blocks.

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Read on for the show notes.

Show Notes for Episode 7

A standing desk is not enough, and yoga blocks allow me to rest in a squatting position or sit with greater external rotation in my hips, thereby gently challenging the range of motion that sitting so much has taken its toll on over the years.

But helping me watch TV and eat dinner? After buying two of these things, I've found all kinds of uses for them that I describe in the episode.

You can get the yoga blocks I use on Amazon. I bought two instead of one by accident, but as I describe in the podcast, I'm really happy I bought two.

If you have an aversion to affiliate links, you can use this non-affiliate link.  If you also have an Aversion to Amazon, you can use this non-Amazon link. Or, buy them locally like I did. I got mine at the Paragon Sports in Union Square.

I accidentally called vajrasana "shivasana." This is what I do with the assistance of a blanket rolled up beneath my ankles and folded up between my knees.

What do you do to increase the positions you can work in and prevent your work from interfering with your mobility? Any household uses of yoga blocks I left out? 


  1. cool stuff chris, keep putting out the podcasts, you inspired me to make my next amazon investment and i'll make sure to do it through your link

  2. How about posting a picture? You don't explain how you stack the two blocks. I would guess you stack them such that total height is 8" but you could be stacking them on 6" sides for 12". Which is it?

    1. Hi Donheff, I have updated the post with a picture. Please see above.

  3. I stand 75-99% of the day. One I am a nurse and am also in school part time. The only time I sit for long periods is in class two nights per week for 1-2 hours. I have made a point to find all of the coffee shops in my neighborhood with chest high tables or bars where I can stand and study or read. I have a high top table at home to use. I take public transportation so I often stand during my commute. During my work day, I am standing, walking or pushing patient beds for my entire day. I am much more productive when I stand. I love squatting. I like the yoga block idea for squatting. thanks for the great podcast again :)

    1. You're welcome! And thanks for sharing your comments. I also stand most of the day, but I'm trying to diversify my positions. Standing is one position among many we should be capable, and the fact that our vocabulary has sunk to a discussion of whether we should be "standing" or "sitting" indicates that our lifestyles have caused enormous attrition of our physical vocabulary.


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