Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An Upcoming Plasma Marker of Blood Vessel Vitamin K Status

by Chris Masterjohn, PhD

New over at Mother Nature Obeyed:



  1. Weston Price site is embarrassing, really. Missing links, slow response (sometimes in minutes), unresponsible mysql database, feature failure.... Today, you can make better sites without any budget in few days.

    It makes one wonder, if they can't really resolve such a basic thing such as site maintenance and design how can they keep up with more serious things.... like health.

    I suggest you to keep main copy of your articles here, or somewhere else.

  2. Could not get to the article. Westonaprice.org seems to be down. I agree with majkinetor - this happens way too often.

    1. I think everyone is agreed. The solution is to move from the terrible system to Word Press but unfortunately it will take some time to make the move. I agree it is frustrating.


  3. For a couple of days, health topic interests me. Just that I can't find any content in here. The admin has to check this. Wordpress is an ideal system to consider.


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