Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Evidence of Synergy Between Vitamins A and D: Protection Against Autoimmune Diseases

by Chris Masterjohn

I have a new post over at Mother Nature Obeyed:


Read more about the author, Chris Masterjohn, PhD, here.


  1. What do you suggest is a good dose to take for someone with an autoimmune disease?

  2. Thx. Note that many links on that page are wrong

  3. Jason

    The amount will vary without a doubt, but research I've made reading the work of various experts it seems that a ratio of 2:1 of vitamin A to vitamin D is right.

    So 10,000 UI of vitamin A and 5,000 Vitamin D are perfectly safe according to research, opinions and experiences.

    That's exactly what I take to resolve possible food allergies and low SIgA levels (Vitamin A is *ESSENTIAL*for this).

    Hope this helps.

    -- Enrique C.

  4. So right now we take a slew of vitamin supplements and get about 5,000 A to about 2,000 D. We also take Cormega fish oil and probiotics. It's overwhelming. Would it be better to replace with just a bottle of Green Pastures combined CLO/BO and drink a glass of keifer? Would that also give us better ratios?

    We'd really prefer whole food based additions to synthetic pills. . .Ty!

  5. Responses to Jason, Majkinetor, and Anonymous.

    Hi Jason,

    Unfortunately this study provides no information about dose, nor about treating autoimmune disease since it was a prevention study. One would have to experiment.


    I believe I now fixed the links. Thanks for the heads up.


    If you aren't treating anything specific, I would go with the whole foods. If you are, I would go by what appears to work the best.


  6. Hello. You seem to worry about accumulation of calcium from vit D.
    Why not just reduce calcium intake? It should be best of both worlds.

    If you raise vit D recommendation, you should probably lower calcium recommendation don't you think?

  7. Hi joniox,

    No it doesn't work like that. First, as I said in the interview, calcification of soft tissues with vitamin D toxicity can occur below the threshold needed to induce high blood levels of calcium, and it appears to be to be related to a dysregulation of vitamin K metabolism. This has almost nothing to do with calcium intake, and in fact calcium intake would influence the process in the opposite way that you suggest, because high calcium intake would suppress activation of vitamin D into the hormonal form.


    1. Hi Chris

      Is vitamin D toxicity in relation to calcification of soft tissues avoidable with vitamin k2. My understanding is that k2 will ensure that calcium is absorbed where it's needed and flushed out where it is not. I need confirmation that this is correct or if there is anything else I need to be aware of.

      Many thanks.


  8. Ty Chris. Based on your recommendation, we've tossed all the pills, got the Green Pastures Cinnamon combined CLO/BO and started drinking goat milk keifer. The goat milk tastes waaaay better than the probiotic pills! :)

    The Cinnamon CLO isn't as bad as we had feared. We mix it in a spoon of sour cream! It's really yummy that way - almost a dessert.


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